Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

• 1 kg beef in stroganoff strips
• 100g butter
• 250g mushrooms chopped
• 1 small chopped onion
• 250 g sour cream
• Salt and pepper

Sauté onions in pan until clear. Turn up heat and brown beef on both sides for approx 2 minutes, keep pieces on the move at all times.
Remove steak and onion to warm casserole dish. Sauté mushrooms lightly with lid on with more salt and pepper. Return beef to pan and the very second everything is hot again, stir in sour cream. Put into dish and back in a slow oven for one hour.

My notes:

1 I add a clove of crushed garlic.
2 I lightly coat meat with flour before cooking
3 I double the mushrooms and sour cream
4 I cook on stove in a Le Cruset pan which goes from stove to oven so all juices stay in
5 I cook in an extremely low oven with lid on for 2 –3 hours
6 I use olive oil instead of butter

Adapted from an original recipe from “Oh for a French wife”
By Ted Moloney and Deke Coleman 1953

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  1. Girl your blogs just keep multiplying! I love this. I will be using some of these!